special LTD. EDITION 12-inch LP compilation
features 12 songs including rare and/or unreleased tracks

The Black Keys | Brian Olive | Radio Moscow | Brimstone Howl
Black Diamond Heavies | Thomas Function | Hacienda | Henry’s Funeral Shoe
Buffalo Killers | Left Lane Cruiser | Trainwreck Riders | Outrageous Cherry

Never Give Up
On Your Hallucinations
Ltd. Ed. on purple vinyl
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Alive Records is one of the coolest labels on the planet, and its artists, including The Black Keys, Outrageous Cherry and Buffalo Killers, keep the sludgy dirty rock feel of early 70s hard rock, add a dash of blues and then stop caring exactly what you think and just make a noise.
That vibe is illustrated perfectly on this sampler album by a band like Radio Moscow who take the blues standard I Just Want To Make Love To You and turn it into some kind of hip hop rock/ Santana fest that would make a dead man dance.
Elsewhere, Brimstone Howl, Black Diamond Heavies, Trainwreck Riders, Left Lane Cruiser and The Black Keys add tracks that suggest that Alive may never make a big pile of money, but someone is going to have an awful lot of fun (and Jack Daniels) along the way. Not a trace of subtlety or an ounce of reserve in this excellent album. – Mike Rea / Salisbury Journal

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